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Marketing Director

A dedicated marketing director that takes complete care of all marketing efforts. Directors work with you to create macro-campaigns that drive business results.

Marketing Team

Director's utilize their marketing team to create micro-campaigns for building targeted lists, increasing traffic, and to connect your brand with a larger audience.

SMS Marketing

Marketing team utilizes Max Engagement™ to send periodical SMS (text message) reminders, offer notifications, and other campaign related messages.

Local Listings

Instant listings on 50+ local directories & apps as a result of  our partnership with Shopper Approved® increasing brand awareness and ensuring trust.

Retargeting Ads

We utilize Max™ to place cookies on visitor browsers, that we later use in re-targeting campaigns to display similar products or reminders ads.

Creative Team
Creative Team

Director's utilize their team of Designers, Photographers, Video Pros, and writers to create beautiful assets that are used for campaigns, website content, and more.

Content Manager
Content Manager

A dedicated social media content manger that works with our creative team to provide your followers with an endless stream of engaging content. 

Email Marketing

Marketing team utilizes Max Engagement™ to send weekly newsletters, special event notifications, special offers, and other campaign related messages.

Paid Search

We supplement natural SEO efforts with targeted paid search ads placing your website on top of competitors on every major search engine. 

Paid Placement
Paid Media Placement

We utilize attention platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram to target and attract prospective clients with tailored entertaining non-intrusive content.

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