case study

Softer clouds, inc.

customer experience improvement


Guide visitors through the process of custom software development. Eliminate distractions and convert more visitors into customers.

Softer Clouds reached out to us looking to improve their overall customer experience. We implemented simple solutions to guide users through the entire software development process, and make a back-end area where current customers could view services, pay invoices, request support, and view past emails. They wanted an aesthetic website exactly like ours, so created a website using our theme as a benchmark. We created multiple assets to give their brand the "cutting edge feel". We also optimized their website for easy navigation to custom software development. 

Softer Clouds also offers software packages to extend the functionalities of Content Management Systems such as WordPress, so we created a checkout system with automatic downloads and offsite storage. After all of that, we created a unique partnership and are currently working with them to create new software that will improve our customers experience and results.

- Customer Satisfaction increase (reported by softer clouds)
- Longer visit times (avg. increase from 5 sec to 2 minutes per visit)
- An appx. 15% increase in custom project development quote requests


Please note: these assets we're captured on 4/3/2019

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