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Coats performance



Streamline the process of scheduling athlete training sessions. Allow, visitors to schedule sessions with extreme accessibility.

Coats Performance initiative was XtraMedia's very first client project. This project also presented some of the most challenging obstacles we've every faced at XtraMedia. Coats Performance had an almost non-existent budget of exactly $25 per month. I worked alongside Kendrique Coats to build an online presence in Pontiac, Illinois. After 3 months, of content creation on social media and an optimized website.

We successfully built an all-natural audience of athletes in Central, Illinois. Sales grew approximately 30% and Coats Performance market share in Pontiac, Illinois increased from around 5% to around 65%.

In July 2017, Kendrique Coats decided to move Coats Performance to Frisco, Texas to service a much larger market. Which presented the first long-distance challenge for XtraMedia based out of Pontiac, Illinois. We quickly became familiar with using web meeting software & phone communication to stay on the same page.

We re-optimized the Coats Performance website to naturally rank higher on google searches in Frisco, Texas. As Kendrique pursued personal efforts to build traction in a very well-established market.

On December 17th 2017, we first noticed naturally ranked first on google in Frisco. (see below)

Over the next few months Coats Performance gained traction in the Frisco market (around 16 new athletes signed up within a six week period) After that spell, Coats Performance continued to gradually grow until October 23rd 2018, when Kendrique decided to close up shop due to low gross profit margins with little room for growth.

I realize that this isn't a conventional example, considering the business is now closed, but I believe there is a lot we constantly take away from this project.

- Ranked 1st on search in two separate locations
- Build an all-natural community of around 945 followers on Instagram
- Gain Market share in two separate locations
- All completed with an almost non-existent budget of $25 per month


Please note: these assets we're captured on 11/17/2017

Natural Listing
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